Release Notes - Grouper - Version 1.6.4 - HTML format


  • [GRP-534] - atlassian connector doesnt clear cache in separate thread, or clear delayed cache on a cache flush
  • [GRP-535] - grouper client xmpp listener will not respond to messages from groups that are not hardcoded in the config file to listen for
  • [GRP-546] - Grouper plugin for Shibboleth does not return Subject id, name, or description attributes
  • [GRP-579] - grouper loader privileges for group of groups do not work if there are different privileges for each group
  • [GRP-880] - Deleting an attributeDef can cause incorrect membership deletes
  • [GRP-924] - Grouper WS allows unauthorized users to delete attribute assignments
  • [GRP-928] - Grouper UI allows unauthorized users to view the privileges of other subjects


  • [GRP-536] - GroupDataConnector plugin for Shibboleth does not return group type
  • [GRP-580] - if there is no tmp dir env var, grouper can have problems

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