Release Notes - XMLTooling - C++ - Version 1.4 - HTML format


  • [CPPXT-9] - Fedora 8 et seq, probably RHEL6, have libcurl linked against NSS, not OpenSSL resulting in SP problems
  • [CPPXT-60] - Adding trust engines manually to chaining engine is broken
  • [CPPXT-61] - Unmarshalling around a cloned DOM doesn't explicitly attach root element
  • [CPPXT-65] - Probably need to default log4j.category.XMLTooling.Signature to INFO
  • [CPPXT-66] - XMLTooling 1.4rc1 doesn't compile against xml-security-c 1.4
  • [CPPXT-67] - Config loader doesn't reliably detect no access to file

New Feature

  • [CPPXT-57] - Add gzip/deflate encoding support to HTTP transfers.
  • [CPPXT-58] - Add support for top-level signature verification to reloadable XML files


  • [CPPXT-51] - Isolate schema files in a versioned directory
  • [CPPXT-52] - I/O layer in reloadable config file feature should support ETag caching
  • [CPPXT-53] - Support HTTP caching when accessing remote CRLs
  • [CPPXT-54] - Switch to background thread for reloading files
  • [CPPXT-56] - Investigate an option to re-enable TLS renegotiation when running on 0.9.8m+
  • [CPPXT-59] - Improve handling of simple content when comments are present.

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